About Us

We're the adventure-seeking (and apparently cliché using) couple who's looking to get the most out of life.

We know it's hard to do but striving to live in the moment is something we've found solace in, binding us together, and hope we can bring that energy into your life. Our family is a mixture of creativity, perfectionism (for Caleb), a dash of pixie dust, and a hint of sarcasm.

Oh, and of course, our love binds us together.

Photography has been a constant in our life, as we bought our first camera together years back. Since then, it has been a craving of ours. If you've been on the hunt for a photographer (or two) who craves that same passion of emotional, human interaction then we'd love to tête-à-tête (that’s French, for you non-native speakers.)


Disney is our jam, and something that's been a part of our lives since we met (over a game of Monopoly, of all things.)

We're 20-somethings who still enjoy playing with Lego, camping in the back of our Subaru and being outside. Plus, we have the sweetest little girl who we hope, one day, will complete our road-map of the world.

Jafnan er hálfsögð saga ef einn segir. (A tale is but half told when only one person tells it.)

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Inside knowledge

| We love television and film, and have seen Game of Thrones three-times now |

| Ice cream is a staple food in our household |

| Brittany is an IMFJ |

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| Caleb collects Pokémon cards |

| Coffee is the first thing out of our mouth’s in the morning

| We met over a game of Monopoly (spoiler: Caleb won)

| We use cloth diapers to save the Earth |

Here’s a super casual video of us on our couch! We wanted to give you a quick intro in case you are from afar, and dive in to a few FAQ’s!